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Sunday, 1 April 2012

IcoFx :Icon MakEr fullversion free download

If you make your own icons ICOFX is the best SoftwarEs to make icon easily and faster. IcoFX is a professional icon and cursor
editor used to create icons with
transparency for Windows XP,
Vista ,7,8 and Macintosh. IcoFX allows users to create custom
icons using a variety of tools. IcoFX is an award winning
professional icon and cursor editor. It
is an all-in-one solution for icon
creation, extraction and editing. It is
designed to work with Windows XP,
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh icons supporting
transparency. Create icons and cursors Create icons for Windows and
Macintosh. Support for Windows Vista
icons with PNG compression. Convert
your Macintosh icons to Windows
icons and vice versa. Support for static
and animated cursors. Create a favicon for your website or blog. Batch process multiple files You can easily work with multiple files
using the batch processing capability
of IcoFX. Create, convert, extract or
export all your icons or cursors with
just a few clicks. Adjustments and effects With more than 40 effects at your
fingertips, there's virtually no limit to
the icons you can create. IcoFX
features a collection of intuitive color
correction tools. Using these tools you
can fine-tune hue, saturation, and luminance, adjust color levels,
brightness and contrast. Images with layers You can quickly create layer based
images using IcoFX. It allows you to
rearrange, blend layers and change
their opacity. This gives you more
control, and you can more easily
change the image in the future. Import, export and extract You can easily convert your favorite
images into icons or cursors, or icons
into images. Supported image formats
BMP, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, TIF and GIF.
With IcoFX you can extract icons from
other files, including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh files. Resource editor IcoFX gives you the possibility to
create icon libraries or change icons
inside exe files. You can also create
cursor libraries. Full assortment of tools IcoFX features a full blown image
editor with many useful tools. You can
use different brush sizes, shapes,
hardness, even blending modes when
painting. Soft selections With IcoFX's collection of selection
tools you can quickly and easily select
any part of your images. You can then
edit and apply special effects to
portions of your image, remove
unwanted objects or cut out objects from one image and paste into
another. Using the QuickMask you can
use the painting tools to refine your
selections. Technical Specifications Supported File Formats Import and export: PNG, JPEG, TIFF,
GIF, JPEG2000, BMP Open and save: ICO, CUR, ANI, ICNS,
ICL, CUL, IFX Extract from: EXE, DLL, OCX, Mac
Binary, AppleSingle, AppleDouble Capture: Ability to capture images
from your desktop Image Processing Layers-based image editing (IFX
images) Over 20 tools for selection, crop,
painting, retouching, typing,
measuring and navigation Use over 40 filters Adjust image size and resolution Scale, Rotate, Flip (vertical or
horizontal) Fill images, layers or selections Batch process Extract icons or cursors from files Export icons or cursors to image Create icons or cursors from
images Resource editor Create/modify icon libraries (ICL)
and cursor libraries (CUL) Modify icons/cursors inside 32 bi
EXE files Advanced brush settings Size, angle, spacing, width, heigh Dynamic parameters: size jitter,
angle jitter, width jitter, height
jitter, opacity jitter, hue jitter,
saturation jitter, brightness jitter,
x/y position jitter Powerful multicolor gradients Many predefined gradients Gradient editor to create custom
gradients Tools Selection Tools: Rectangular, Elliptical,
Lasso, Magic Wand, Move selecte
pixels Move/Modify selection Smooth selection Inverse selection Edit selection in Quick Mask mode Crop tool Painting Tools: Brush, Pencil, Gradient, Fill,
Line, Curves Specify blend mode, opacity,
brush for painting tool Shapes Tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Rounde
Rectangle, Shape Specify blend mode, fill of shapes Retouching Tools: Eraser, Color Eraser, Blur,
Sharpen, Brighten, Darken Specify brush and strength Text tool Measuring and navigation Color Picker, Hand, Zoom, Ruler Image Adjustments Color Balance Brightness and Contrast Hue/Saturation Opacity Fade Out Transparent Color Shadow Rotate Effects Use over 40 predefined effects or
create your own filter Invert, Grayscale, RGB Channel
Mixer Emboss Color, Emboss Dark,
Emboss, Emboss Light Average, Blur, Blur Soft, Blur Mor
Motion Blur Sharpen, Sharpen Less, Sharpen
More, Directional Sharpen Find Edges (vertical), Find Edges
(horizontal), Enhance Edges,
Detect Edges, Edges Strong, Edge
Weak, Contour Glow, Waggle, Pattern, Paint Dark
Paint Bright, Shake, Shake Less,
Pale, Scene, Drop Shadow Ability to create custom filter Layers Layers-based image editing (only for
images) Create new, duplicate, delete,
rename, import or hide layers Change blending mode for layer Normal, Multiply, Additive, Color
Burn, Color Dodge, Reflect, Glow,
Overlay, Difference, Negation,
Lighten, Darken, Screen,
Exclusion, Hue, Saturation, Color,
Brightness, Soft Light, Hard Light, Pin Light, Freeze, Heat, Subtractiv Adjust layer opacity Merge layers Flatten image Arrange layers User Interface Interface designed to work with
small images Dockable panels Tools, Tool Options, Layers,
Brushes, Swatches, Palette,
Gradients, Colors, History,
Explorer, Preview, Info panels Quick Mask mode Use grid and zoom up to 10000% to
edit small images Customizable shortcuts Explorer panel to easily import
images Save/Load work spaces Sidebar to view all the images in the
icon Create Win/Mac icon from image Snapshot Many customizable preferences Colors RGB, HSB, Gray color modes Transparent color Access to the palette of palette base
images Add, remove and pick colors from
Swatches panel Eyedropper allows picking colors
from images Languages English, French, German, Hungarian,
Japanese, Spanish
It is an RAR File you have to . Download it here -:

Click here to Download IcoFx :Icon MakEr fullversion:
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